Monday, December 21, 2009

The Momentum of Indonesia's Economic Recovery

Dear starbuckers,
my short paper just published in Elcano Royal Institute website. Elcano Royal Instute is one of think-tanks in Madrid, Spain.

This paper just wants to describe the recent economic condition in Indonesia, specifically about its economic growth and trade performance. If you interested to read it, just click or copy paste this link:

Herewith I also enclosed the theme and summary.

Theme: It is clear that no single country can be immune from the global recession, including Indonesia. The impact on the latter has distorted some of its economic indicators, especially growth and trade. In line with the efforts made by its government to handle the crisis, Indonesia held elections, both legislative and presidential, in 2009. This ARI looks at the implications of the elections and the prospects for Indonesia’s economy after them.

Summary: After experiencing an economic downturn in the second half of 2008, Indonesia’s economic recovery has begun to show some momentum following the legislative elections of 9 April 2009 and the presidential elections of 8 July 2009. Indonesia’s government was quick to respond to the crisis by combining both monetary and fiscal policy instruments in order to minimise the effects of the global crisis. Swift action and a lack of panic in handling the impact since August 2008 have made all the difference. Indonesia has now become far more dependent on its own spending as an engine of growth.

I hope it will be useful. I am sorry for not being active to this blog recently.



Letjes said...

wow very nice paper jar :)

Anonymous said...

very good


Made said...

Mungkin paper-nya bisa dikirim ke Tim Pansus Angket Century supaya mereka bisa mengerti ilmu ekonomi barang sedikit saja =)

Made said...

Btw, mungkin ada starbuckers yang tertarik menulis artikel dengan memakai fasilitas Google Public Data

Anonymous said...

As I mentioned before guys, It's only a description...this paper has no provocative statements at all :)

@Made: sebenarnya mereka sudah mengerti ilmu ekonomi, dengan adanya pansus, otomatis orang yg tergabung didalamnya sudah mempraktekkan prinsip ekonomi, "people acted by incentive." Dana pansus lumayan lho untuk tabungan para anggota dewan yg tergabung didalamnya...hehehe :P


Gaffari said...

Juaraaaa jar!

Chaikal said...

Nice paper. But it would be nicer if the starbuckers were the reviewer, hehehe..

Anonymous said...

Made, gw gak paham pemakaian link google itu. kenapa hanya ada data gdp? apakah bisa untuk cari data lainnya?