Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Indonesia, 1 Jan 2011

Indonesia will start chairing the ASEAN countries from 1 Jan 2011 until a year ahead. Serving as the leader of south-east Asias certainly gives the country "power" to manage the vision and mission of economic, politics and cultural goals of the region. Moreover, under the current global condition, the chairmanship should able to coordinate member countries to put-aside, see opportunity and then take advantage.

Issues intra the region have actually already been endless matters among members. Myanmar political situation, border conflicts between Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore, and poverty eradication in almost all the members are parts of them. So, if intra problems are a concentration absorber, how can this cooperation has time and mind to answer global challenges?

Strategically, If ASEAN want to take advantage over current global condition, it must start with economic self sustainability. ASEAN market is huge market, maybe one of the big five in the world. Sustainability would be formed if intra production and consumption in the region have reached more than 50%. Moreover, intra-industry trade relation must also reach over 80%. Most importantly, inter-regional investment must increase in steady growth toward a border-less investment activity among members.

I think, the practical measure for this is when ASEAN citizen proudly answer question about their nationality by saying "I am an ASEANese". So, conclusively speaking, Mr. Chairman has so much work to do, although so little time to spend. Congratulation for Indonesia, and hope best for the leadership next year.


Chaikal said...

Nih biar gw gak dibilang sibuk :) tapi jujur mang sibuk..

Mau tanya aja, benchmark 50%, 80% itu dari mana, ada backgroud empiris atau teoretis? sharing donk ya, thanks.

Carlos said...

wah sulit tuh kal, itu berdasarkan pengalaman beberapa kali hitung2 sendiri dalam berbagai keg. riset yang pernah dilakukan. Hmm... kalo memang butuh banget, gw bisa aja hitungkan khusus buat lu, tapi jangan lupa sawerannya ya... setau gw lu gak pernah sibuk, kecuali sibuk nulis puisi :p