Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Changing Face of the Expat

According to The Jakarta Post, Weekender Magazine, April 2008:

"...The Asian expatriate contingent is strong, and figures suggest it’s getting stronger.
And despite hard facts being thin on the ground, many also agree more single women are coming to Jakarta to work in aid, development, public policy, journalism, tourism and teaching.

In 1995, The Jakarta Post reported more than 57,000 non-Indonesian citizens were living and working in Jakarta – a massive community compared to 1984 when there were just 18,000.
During its peak growth period, in the mid 1990s, some 20 percent of Jakarta’s foreign community was made up of Koreans, with a working population of 11,668.

Today, most embassies can provide only guesstimates of expatriates employed and living in Jakarta, and despite the enormous shakeout that occurred between 1998 and 2005 -- it seems Koreans, Japanese, Americans and Indians continue to make up the majority of a population of approximately 39,000 in Jakarta alone...

...Asian expatriates stayed on during the various crises, and others, particularly from mainland China, India and the Philippines, today fill middle management positions..."
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What I want to say to this posting:
"That’s why my boss is an Indian…wahahahaha……"

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